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Year 8 Pintsize Theatre

I enjoyed the Pintsize Theatre production because it was an interesting and fun way to teach us about dangers and effects of alcohol. The production showed how easy it is tpintsize theatreo become involved with alcohol at an early age and gave us help on how to avoid those kind of situations. The team also gave the names of support groups that we could turn to if we were worried about a family member or a friend. Overall, I really liked the production and I am now aware on how alcohol affects thousands of people across the UK. I hope they will be doing more productions in the future.

The Pintsize play had a vast impact on me and other pupils. It taught us a moral lesson informing us why drinking is harmful and why to drink responsibly. It showed us the consequences of Rose's actions after she got drunk on the bridge. It also told us the effect alcohol can have on other people such as babies and young children if their parents are alcoholics. Overall, it was a great learning experience that I will never forget.

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