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Celebrating the Olypmics and Paralympics

Each year we celebrate various festivals and events with themed lunches. This year we are linking these to the Olympics and Paralympics to celebrate the top athletes from countries and cities around the World, chosen by our School Council.
Spain and Barcelona - on 27 March we celebrated the Barcelona Olympics 1992 and the country of Spain. Y11 helped decorate the dining room and we served Spanish food (both vegetarian and meat options) including paella, whilst listening to Spanish music.

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Chinese New Year
- the Beijing Olympics were celebrated earlier this year too.
Messie Keepy Uppy Challenge - several students wore their Barcelona shirts and supported Mr Kemp in his quest to find a winner (Adam Blacknell 8H won with 151 - amazing!!)

What's coming next?
A joint celebration of the London Olympics and Paralympics, together with the Queen's Jubilee on 31 May - supported by Y7. This will be a street party theme and it is hoped we can have a picnic under the canopies.

Australia Day - on 11 July supported by Y10
Jamaica Day (New Y11) and Athens & Greece Day (New Y9) - will take place in the Autumn term.

Upcoming Events


9:30 am Mon 24 July 2017 - 3:45 pm Wed 26 July 2017


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