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Madagasca - Letters Across The World

Two years ago a member of staff asked if we’d be interested in seeing a very interesting film about young student teachers visiting Madagasca and then follow up with letters to the school children there. My last Year Group who are now working very hard on their GCSEs were keen to take up the offer.

A few months later, in perfect timing with Sir David Attenborough’s TV programme from Madagasca, a cascade of colourful and decorated letters arrived to almost all the pupils in the year. They got busy and wrote back with photos and we included some WBS info too.

It is painfully obvious how poor the school is – there is no Internet access and the very poorly paid teachers welcome the help sent by this charity, The Dodwell Trust to support their education. The visiting students from Nottingham University also provide practical help as on their last visit they helped re-build the hostel where they stay in the village. It’s a good job they are keen too as the journey by road looked excruciatingly uncomfortable, risky and VERY long – over 12 hours sometimes!

Now the baton has been passed on. Year 9 have also got in on the act and have responded with lots of lovely letters. What a wonderful thought that one day one of you might find yourself on that exciting trip..... take a cushion!

What have we learnt? They speak French and – that children’s names are extremely LONG like Randrianantenaina No name badges there then!

Thanks to everyone for your support. Let’s see if we can keep it up and pass it on.

Mrs Goad

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