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GCSE’s and Study Leave Arrangements – The Business

Tuesday 29th April 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,

GCSE’s and Study Leave Arrangements – The Business

I know I have written to you several times recently, but this time I promise there are no requests for money.

We felt it important to go through the key points affecting Year 11 during the up-coming exam period.

At the start of the year the student exams information was circulated which was available through parentmail, is available on the school website ( ) and on Moodle ( ). This information from the exams officer contains all the examination rules including information about attendance, arrival and equipment – please make sure you are able to refer to the details within this pack. All year 11 students know the equipment requirements for exams and understand that drinks need to be in a clear plastic bottle.

In recent years we have felt it appropriate for students to attend examinations in their own clothing so long as they are appropriate for school and the business of exams.

Access to school during the exam period:

Access to school for the exams is by a security card, similar to our Post 16 students. Therefore it is essential that every member of Year 11 has their current lunch card converted into a security card. On Thursday 8th May all students will put their cards in a tutor box in the main canteen after purchasing their lunch. These will then be converted and redistributed to the students during registration on Friday 9th May ready for lunch.

If students have lost their lunch cards replacements must be purchased before Thursday 8th May through student services as a cost of £2.

Timetabled revision during study leave:

The last day of normal lessons is Friday 9th May, with a celebration assembly during period 5. All students will be informed by their class teachers that there will be timetabled revision running across the curriculum during study leave. Each department is handling this individually but any student can access their normal timetabled lesson during study leave. Students can therefore come and go as they please using their new security cards. Unfortunately due to numbers access to these lessons is all we can provide during this time. Groups of students may use the school’s facilities but always be aware that lessons continue for others.

Study days – English, Maths and Science:

Because of the long period of time between these core subjects, students will be back in school for the following study days. Free Lunch? It does exist!


                Monday 2nd June – 10am-2pm – Targeted Revision – Exam Tuesday 3rd June AM

All students will be told individually by their English teacher where they need to report to at 10am.

Of course ALL Year 11 students can access taught English revision lessons throughout the study period and a programme is available in the student tutor bases.


                Wednesday 4th and/or Thursday 5th June: 10am-2pm – Exam Monday 9th June AM

                Thursday 12th June: 11am-2pm – Exam Friday 13th June AM (Inset Day at school)

All students will be told individually by their Maths teachers which day(s) they are invited to attend.

Just like the English arrangements, ALL Year 11 students can access taught Maths revision lessons throughout the study period during their timetabled lessons.



                Friday 6th June: 10am-2pm – Exam Friday 6th June PM

This session is only for the students re-sitting Core Science – students will know if this relates to them.

Just like the English arrangements, ALL Year 11 students can access taught Science revision lessons throughout the study period during their timetabled lessons.

Lunch on study days

We are pleased to be able to offer Year 11 these study days and a free lunch for all will be available in the Post 16 Centre which will be taken at 11:50am on these days.

Results Day

As you are aware GCSE results will be available for the student to collect on Thursday 21st August at 9:30am. If students are unable to collect their results in person and would like them collected on their behalf (even by a parent/carer) they need to provide these instructions in writing to the exams officer before their final exam. If students would like their results posting out they need to provide an A4 stamped addressed envelope to the exams officer before their final exam.

This is a very comprehensive set of information and if you have any questions relating to any of the information in this letter please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details above.

Yours faithfully

Anna Sharpe                                                      Phillippa Goad

Director of Learning                                        Intervention Manager

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