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Changes to Regulations for the provision of food in State Schools

Following the latest announcement, from Ministers, on changes to food regulations in state schools from January 2015 the school catering staff, whilst compliant with the current regulations, will need to ring the changes once more from September 2014.  There is, from January 2015, a further limit on fried food restricting sales to students to no more than two portions of fried food each week.  In addition, they have imposed a pastry limit as well.  Fruit juices also need to be restricted to 150ml and therefore cartons of drinks will disappear - although the cuplets will still be available.  The aim is to encourage students to drink water as their first choice.  The fried chicken wraps will also be restricted which has been very popular with our students to date.  Sales of sausage rolls will also be reduced to once a fortnight to enable the school to comply.   However,  the very popular “fish and chip Friday” will be allowed to remain.  Finally, you will be pleased to hear that there will be no increase in the products we sell to staff or students this September our prices are holding.  A further review of the pricing structure will take place this time next year in time for September 2015.

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