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Make a No!se about bullying

Anti-bullying week is another opportunity for school’s to shine a light on initiatives promoting a clear message of no tolerance for bullying.  Year 7 designed anti-bullying posters, now displayed in our theatre foyer.  We also joined a county-wide initiative called Make a No!se about bullying, organised by Lorna Naylor, county anti-bullying coordinator.  Miss Rogers worked with pupils on a choreographed dance piece which was performed at 12.30 on Monday 16th November.  The performance coincided with other schools in the county doing the same dance at the same time.  Unsuspecting diners were curious to see what was happening when the music blasted out and congregated round the Flash Mob.  Some of the performances have been edited together so please click here to view in full

Here’s what some of the team thought about the Flash Mob:

“I really enjoyed the campaign, it lifted the spirits of the school and raised awareness of bullying as well as inspiring a positive atmosphere around this issue” Natasha Johnson – year 10

“I really enjoyed learning and performing the flash mob with my friends.  It was a really good way to send the message around that bullying is not acceptable”  Megan - pupil

“The girls were all very enthusiastic about the flash mob. They all learned the dance and performed it as a united front towards bullying.  It was a fantastic way to present the issue of bullying and raise the awareness of this within the school”  Miss Rogers – PE/Dance teacher

Culture & Diversity ambassadors have been promoting the importance of expressing Pupil Voice confidently and constructively as all pupils in year 7 – 13 complete a questionnaire about bullying and prejudice, now open to complete on Moodle.  Our ambassadors will follow up with focus groups for further discussion next term.  We will keep you posted.

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