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Make a No!se about bullying

Anti-bullying week is another opportunity for school’s to shine a light on initiatives promoting a clear message of no tolerance for bullying.  Year 7 designed anti-bullying posters, now displayed in our theatre foyer.  We also joined a county-wide initiative called Make a No!se about bullying, organised by Lorna Naylor, county anti-bullying coordinator.  Miss Rogers worked with pupils on a choreographed dance piece which was performed at 12.30 on Monday 16th November.  The performance coincided with other schools in the county doing the same dance at the same time.  Unsuspecting diners were curious to see what was happening when the music blasted out and congregated round the Flash Mob.  Some of the performances have been edited together so please click here to view in full

Here’s what some of the team thought about the Flash Mob:

“I really enjoyed the campaign, it lifted the spirits of the school and raised awareness of bullying as well as inspiring a positive atmosphere around this issue” Natasha Johnson – year 10

“I really enjoyed learning and performing the flash mob with my friends.  It was a really good way to send the message around that bullying is not acceptable”  Megan - pupil

“The girls were all very enthusiastic about the flash mob. They all learned the dance and performed it as a united front towards bullying.  It was a fantastic way to present the issue of bullying and raise the awareness of this within the school”  Miss Rogers – PE/Dance teacher

Culture & Diversity ambassadors have been promoting the importance of expressing Pupil Voice confidently and constructively as all pupils in year 7 – 13 complete a questionnaire about bullying and prejudice, now open to complete on Moodle.  Our ambassadors will follow up with focus groups for further discussion next term.  We will keep you posted.

Message from Chris Few – Chair of the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board

I write with regard to the sensitive but important subject of child sexual exploitation (CSE). This is a topic which you may have seen or heard about through the national and local media, and which has featured in storylines on television dramas.

The numbers of children we are aware of as being either at risk of, or actually being, sexually exploited, are relatively small. However, we do want to be proactive in helping parents and carers to be aware of the risks that their children may meet, either face to face or through social media and the internet.

The Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board has therefore decided to once again write directly to all parents and carers, of secondary aged children within the County, via their secondary schools and academies.

To see the full letter please click here


If you are a big countdown fan and switching from letters to numbers is your cup of tea, the latest national GCSE grade reform has been implemented just for you.


As you will recall, the A*-G GCSE grades are being phased out and replaced by a new 1-9 number scale.

Here is an overview of what those new grades mean in terms of old currency:


After months of consultation, the government decided that the reform would only apply to English and maths from September 2015, while it would only apply to other subjects from September 2016 (or even 2017 for Design & Technology).


As a school we have had to adapt to this reform and have responded to it:

  1. Departments have integrated this new 1-9 grading system as part of their assessment policies.
  2. Our reporting system (progress reports & Go4schools) include those changes too.

But what does this all mean to you and your child? Here is a short summary:


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

1. If your child is in Y11, it is status quo.  The reform does not affect you. Results and progress will still be reported using the traditional A*-G currency across all subjects.

2. If your child is in Year 10, progress in maths and English will be reported using the new (1-9) currency while all the other subjects will still use (A*-G). This will be the case next year throughout Year 11 too. On GCSE results day (June 2017), your child will have a set of GCSE results involving two grading currencies, 1-9 for maths and English and A*-G in all other subjects.

3. If your child is in Year 9, progress will be reported using the new (1-9) structure in all subjects apart from Design & Technology (A*-G). This will be the case throughout Years 10 and 11. Your child will get GCSE results (June 2018) using the new (1-9) scale for all subjects apart from Design & Technology and some option subjects such as Business & Sociology (A*-G).


If your child is in Year 9 or 10 you should now have received their first progress report for this academic year. These reports use the new (1-9) grades for targets and predictions in the relevant GCSEs. As you will have seen in the table above, the DfE have pegged specific points on the new grading scale to the old (A-G) scale. However, at this stage there is no definitive means of matching each numeric grade to an equivalent letter grade. Therefore all targets in the new (1-9) scale have had to be set on a ‘best-estimate’ basis. As more information about the new grade structure emerges we expect that individual pupil’s targets may have to be adjusted so that we continue to provide the right level of encouragement and challenge to all.


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

4. If your child is in Years 7 or 8, this GCSE reform does not have any short term impact. We are still using National curriculum Levels across those two years. However, by the time students start in Year 9, they will be the first two cohorts to have their progress reported using the new currency across ALL subjects and throughout Years 10 & 11.


Signposting – School Nurses

We are Jo Blanchard and Carly Dykes and are West Bridgford School’s named school nurses.  We are employed by the National Health Service (not the school).  We cover the West Bridgford  Schools family of schools – that includes Jesse Gray, Heymann, Greythorn Primary Schools and West Bridgford Infants and Juniors (in addition we also cover Edwalton Primary School).  Our role is very mixed.  There are aspects of the role which are routine like monitoring growth of children for the government, and other aspects which are more to do with signposting parents and young people to services and supporting parents and young children who might need someone just to talk to about any health issue that is worrying them (anything from weight to feeling low to teenage worries).  As school nurses employed by the Health Service, unless we are told something that poses a safeguarding risk, we are able to keep conversations confidential.  Students are welcome to come and talk to us.  We run a School Nurse Drop in Clinic for students every Monday lunch time. We are in and out of West Bridgford School at other times and if we are in we will see students or will make an appointment for students at a convenient time.  Students can also leave a written note for us and post it under our door.  Our office is in the Design and Technology Block next to First Aid.  Students can also contact us at our NHS base which is West Bridgford Health Centre – telephone 0115 8837300.   Keep Calm and Visit the School Nurse!

Y7 Healthy Body Healthy Mind Day

Year 7 will be off timetable all day on Friday 25th September as they will be taking part in a series of activities for ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ day.

Upcoming Events


Mon 01 May 2017 8:30 am - 3:00 pm


Fri 05 May 2017 8:30 am - 2:45 pm


Fri 12 May 2017 8:30 am - 2:45 pm


Fri 12 May 2017 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm


8:30 am Mon 29 May 2017 - 2:45 pm Fri 02 June 2017


Wed 14 June 2017 8:30 am - 2:45 pm


Tue 20 June 2017


8:30 am Tue 27 June 2017 - 2:45 pm Wed 28 June 2017




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