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We are Jo Blanchard and Carly Dykes and are West Bridgford School’s named school nurses.  We are employed by the National Health Service (not the school).  We cover the West Bridgford  Schools family of schools – that includes Jesse Gray, Heymann, Greythorn Primary Schools and West Bridgford Infants and Juniors (in addition we also cover Edwalton Primary School).  Our role is very mixed.  There are aspects of the role which are routine like monitoring growth of children for the government, and other aspects which are more to do with signposting parents and young people to services and supporting parents and young children who might need someone just to talk to about any health issue that is worrying them (anything from weight to feeling low to teenage worries).  As school nurses employed by the Health Service, unless we are told something that poses a safeguarding risk, we are able to keep conversations confidential.  Students are welcome to come and talk to us.  We run a School Nurse Drop in Clinic for students every Monday lunch time. We are in and out of West Bridgford School at other times and if we are in we will see students or will make an appointment for students at a convenient time.  Students can also leave a written note for us and post it under our door.  Our office is in the Design and Technology Block next to First Aid.  Students can also contact us at our NHS base which is West Bridgford Health Centre – telephone 0115 8837300.   Keep Calm and Visit the School Nurse!

Y7 Healthy Body Healthy Mind Day

Year 7 will be off timetable all day on Friday 25th September as they will be taking part in a series of activities for ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ day.



Many months of work led to a model that was completed involving laser cut ribs and fuselage frames. The covering was a mixture of white shrink film and brown paper applied to the blue foam streamlining and spray painted. At various stages in production it was test flown to check all was well. Eventually it came time to test it with the payload and although it flew, it was too heavy at the nose so a repositioning of the payload carrier was needed. After it was moved just 1 cm back the model flight characteristics improved and we applied the final finish and decals.

The challenge also include a small drawing element and a presentation by the students so in a big rush last week these were completed ready for the big weekend.

Saturday was bright and sunny as we arrived at Elvington just south of York. There was a firm breeze blowing but it was the same for all competitors, and we were ready. The scrutineering was first to make sure the aircraft was safe to use. This we passed with flying colours, then we had to present our drawings and after a briefing to all teams we started first with our presentation. Our students were the youngest team there and did themselves credit giving a smooth talk in front of the panel of 4 judges. Then it was onto the flying, Mr Green was the nominated pilot and flew the model to 8 laps in the first 5 minute slot, there was no damage on the bumpy landing. We waited for round two watching the other teams fly and it became clear that there was one other team which had a high performing model. Our flight scores were identical to theirs. Round two was more difficult, we had a problem getting airbourne and lost some time however we were able to complete 7 laps and land well again.

Day two, back up to Yorkshire early for our third if needed. As it turned out the other team decided not to fly again so we had won. This was good fortune as on the next flight just to see if we could have done better, a structural failure sent our model into the concrete. Although severe, the damage would have been repairable, but as this turned out to be unnecessary it was back to the main tent for the prize giving

The prize was presented by Chris Moynihan the Chairman of the BMFA, and cash prizes for the students will be sent in the near future.

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