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Many months of work led to a model that was completed involving laser cut ribs and fuselage frames. The covering was a mixture of white shrink film and brown paper applied to the blue foam streamlining and spray painted. At various stages in production it was test flown to check all was well. Eventually it came time to test it with the payload and although it flew, it was too heavy at the nose so a repositioning of the payload carrier was needed. After it was moved just 1 cm back the model flight characteristics improved and we applied the final finish and decals.

The challenge also include a small drawing element and a presentation by the students so in a big rush last week these were completed ready for the big weekend.

Saturday was bright and sunny as we arrived at Elvington just south of York. There was a firm breeze blowing but it was the same for all competitors, and we were ready. The scrutineering was first to make sure the aircraft was safe to use. This we passed with flying colours, then we had to present our drawings and after a briefing to all teams we started first with our presentation. Our students were the youngest team there and did themselves credit giving a smooth talk in front of the panel of 4 judges. Then it was onto the flying, Mr Green was the nominated pilot and flew the model to 8 laps in the first 5 minute slot, there was no damage on the bumpy landing. We waited for round two watching the other teams fly and it became clear that there was one other team which had a high performing model. Our flight scores were identical to theirs. Round two was more difficult, we had a problem getting airbourne and lost some time however we were able to complete 7 laps and land well again.

Day two, back up to Yorkshire early for our third if needed. As it turned out the other team decided not to fly again so we had won. This was good fortune as on the next flight just to see if we could have done better, a structural failure sent our model into the concrete. Although severe, the damage would have been repairable, but as this turned out to be unnecessary it was back to the main tent for the prize giving

The prize was presented by Chris Moynihan the Chairman of the BMFA, and cash prizes for the students will be sent in the near future.


The school would like to offer their best wishes to Mrs Jacobs who is leaving today. She has contributed so much in her time here, particularly in the fundraising for the Guide Dogs over the last year. There will be a new appointment from September, and in the meantime Year 11 will be supported by the wider pastoral team.

It is inconceivable that the school could run at all without the sheer industriousness of our wonderful Pastoral Team. Their time seems to stretch for us all


- the pupils in their care, the admin staff doing their work, the Directors of course for whom their invaluable help is a minute by minute mission and the senior management who rely on them like London taxis for their limitless knowledge.

They support our young people; they support some of us 'older' people on the staff so we should never forget to make sure we are supporting th

em with their heavy load. Whether it's guide dog puppies, lost kit, lost guinea pigs or seriously lost tempers, they help us, calm us, collect the money and talk kindly on the phone home to lessen the bombshell!

Thank you one and all!


Back left -  Mr Normington, Miss Toms, Mrs Jacobs

Front left – Mrs Clarke, Mrs Williams (Culture &Diversity), Mrs Bond, Mr Patterson.


Stonewall School Champion

During February the West Bridgford School acknowledged LGBT History Month with a thought-provoking assembly to all year groups. The assembly team (our Stonewall steering group) talked about the life of Alan Turing and other openly LGB or T inspirational people. It was an ideal opportunity to reinforce the importance of inclusion and equality for those who identify as LGB or T., as well as talk about what our staff and pupils have been doing to acknowledge and celebrate diversity.apas

Also during the week we were pleased to welcome Wayne Dhesi - youth coordinator at Stonewall, and Matt Lister – Team GB Canoeist and Olympic hopeful. Matt talked very openly about his experience of ‘coming out’ as gay and how difficult he found secondary school. However, with supportive family, friends and team mates Matt felt encouraged to become a Stonewall role-model and share his story with other young people to help raise awareness about the negative impact of prejudice-related bullying, as well as to reassure young people who are questioning or may have family or friends who are LGBT or T.

Here’s what staff and pupils had to say about it:

“The sessions were inspiring to young people helping them understand how people can suffer because they are bullied for perceived differences and how they can rise above this and lead a successful fulfilling life. The students really listened because someone not that much older than them was prepared to be completely honest and open with them sharing his life experience” Mrs Cooper – PSHE Coordinator

“The stonewall group were interesting and offered a thought-provoking experience. I also gained a knowledge of what they do and how it helps people who are LGB or T”

J Baker year 11

“I found the session very informative and the relaxed atmosphere made me very comfortable to ask questions and express my opinions towards the subject”

R Hatley – year 11

“When I walked into the workshop, I thought what is this going to be about? Then once the visitors started talking about their life it became clear. Matt Lister is a very inspirational guy and showed that there is no shame in being gay”

S Gadsby – Year 10

“Hats off to my generation for learning to accept people’s differences”

N Abid – year 10

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