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tree of hands“Our school is proud to have achieved this award and we will keep progressing to make a change”

 Back in 2014 we shared the news of joining the Stonewall School Champions programme.  Stonewall is a UK based charity that campaigns for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights and also works for equality and justice in all sectors.  After a good deal of work raising awareness about the importance of equality for all, we were extremely pleased to achieve the bronze award in 2015.

Once again, we are delighted and extremely proud to share the news with you that after some excellent work from pupils and staff, we have now been awarded the Stonewall School Champion silver award!

As you may already know, our culture & diversity programme is an important part of school life and our staff and student community support important initiatives to raise awareness about equality and celebrate diversity; our Culture & Diversity Ambassadors take a lead with such initiatives and do an incredible job.  Working towards LGBT+ equality is part of our culture & diversity work, and the School Champions programme has been a great tool enabling us to develop our work in key areas with confidence and sincerity.   We now look forward to going for gold!

Comments from some of our students:

“Our school does a lot more than teaching us in lessons…we have achieved the Stonewall Silver Award”


“It’s amazing to think that our school has been able to achieve such a prestigious award.  I am extremely proud to be part of it”


“Gaining the silver award was a massive achievement for our school and our community.  Everyone should be very proud and the fact that we have the honour of owning this award shows how accepting our school is and how great it is.  It is an amazing achievement”


“I think Stonewall is a very important thing as it has impacted everyone in a positive way”


“I remember when the ‘You don’t say’ posters first went up around school.  Everyone reacted really well and it helped to change people’s perspective on the LGBT+ community”


“It was such an achievement for the school to get awarded the bronze award so it was even better when we got the silver!  We can’t wait to start working towards gold”

Miss Williams

stonewall gold

German Music Trip 2017

20170718 09545260 students and 6 staff including 3 of the school’s peripatetic Music teachers had a wonderful time in the Rhine valley during the last week of the Summer term for the third West Bridgford School’s Music trip to Germany.  We stayed in the idyllic setting of Bacharach Castle Youth Hostel – an amazing place to rest our weary heads at the end of each day’s sight-seeing and concert activities.  Performances were in the towns of Rudesheim – a half mile walk downhill (uphill on the way back!) with amps, instruments, music stands etc in 90 degree heat; Boppard, on the banks of the Rhine, for which we had our smallest and least enthusiastic audience; and finally, a spa town called Bad Muenster which was definitely the best performance despite the heavens opening half an hour beforehand – all hands to the pump with tissues wiping all the seats down! The students as ever were excellent – great fun on the acting evening and extremely keen and helpful with all the organisation.  Thanks to Mrs McKee, Miss Richardson, Mr Dyer, Noah Noutch, Merri Knight and Claire Seedhouse for the giving of their time.

Photos can be viewed here

Some of the Performances can be viewed by clicking here

If you like what you have seen, there will be a DVD with 15-20 of the best performances during the tour available for the cost of the blank DVD.  Please email Mr Dyer if you wish to purchase a copy

Post 16 Results – Mr Bowies Post 16 Results Report

a level res 17Located in the Bradbury Building, a newly extended block that more resembles a University faculty, The West Bridgford School’s Post-16 is a vibrant and growing community of 352 that welcomes in a significant number of new to school students every year. Rated Outstanding by OFSTED (2011), we are proud to be a community based Sixth Form that retains extremely strong ties to the lower school. Our expanding numbers have necessitated significant investment in new staff and we were delighted to welcome Mrs Caroline Nolan to a new Post 16 Intervention post in June 2017. In combination with the school also investing heavily in ICT via BrightSpace and the BrightSpace Pulse app which will enable students to access resources, marked work and results on their mobile devices, we are confident that we will continue to go from strength to strength in the future.

Whilst our results are always excellent, we were particularly thrilled by our A level exam results this year. At the top end, 6 of the 8 students who were made offers from Oxford or Cambridge secured their places. Huge congratulations to Leon Hughes (History at Oxford), Gabrielle Saperia (Economics & Management at Oxford), Helena Trenkic (History at Cambridge), Amy Forbes (History at Oxford), Eleanor Collard (Chinese at Oxford) and Jeevith Gananakumaran (Engineering at Cambridge). In addition, 7 students (Mia Cooke, Inaya Khan, Seyta Diop, Jacob Piechota, Fateen Maqbool, Ismail Mellahi and Ella Smith) were successful in securing a coveted place to study Medicine. Other students who gained places in very competitive courses were James Walton (Dental Surgery at Plymouth University), Liza Chudakova (Dentistry at Sheffield University) and Issey Fellows (Veterinary Science at Nottingham University). It is a testament to their hard work and the support they received whilst at school that they were able to be so successful. Perhaps even more revealing of the positive ethos and ideology that surrounds the Sixth Form is our VA (value added) score. This is the measure that puts our students’ results up against similar schools across the country. With a VA this year of +0.25, our students have done on average a quarter of a grade better than could be reasonably expected, and sometimes significantly more. My own favourite story is of the student who from base targets of BCC in Year 12 achieved results of A*BB. So shocked was he that he ran in through a downpour on results morning to tell me that there was a mistake with his results. His subsequent delight on hearing that there was no mistake reminded me of why I have the best job in the school.


a level results 2017GCSE and A Level Results Days at the West Bridgford School are always one of the highlights of the year. After many years of hard work, students finally find out if they have managed to attain the grades that will allow them to move onto the next stage of their lives, equipped with the tools that will allow them to follow the routes they aspire to. We are pleased to report that 2017 has been yet another very successful year, and we were able to celebrate the vast majority of our Post-16 students moving onto the university or apprenticeship of their choice. Our GCSE students also achieved wonderful results, resulting in record recruitment to the Sixth Form, with our other leavers going onto a range of meaningful courses at college. In the paragraph below we have tried to explain how the school has done in terms of ‘school measures and accountability’. Results are only part of the story of ‘Results Day’ however. The work of staff and parents in striving to maximise the potential of every student, both academically and in their education of the whole person, has resulted in the West Bridgford community delivering another year of exceptional young people to the world. This is something that we, as a community, can be proud of. We wish them well in their endeavours. Now begins the hard work of delivering on the potential of the class of 2018!


As parents are no doubt aware this is the first year of the GCSE English and Maths ‘9-1’ grades, and combining this change with last year’s comprehensive changes in school accountability measures, presents the school with a challenge when comparing our results with previous years. The nearest direct replacement to the old ‘gold standard measure’ of 5 x GCSE C grade including English and Maths is the new ‘basics’ measure of the percentage of students achieving C or above passes in English and maths. As almost all students achieving this level will also get further ‘good’ passes in other subjects and would consequently have met the previous benchmark, this measure does provide some comparison with previous years. Thus we have calculated this years ‘5 Standard (Grade 9-4) Passes inc English and Maths’ as a comparison with the old measure:




2017 Outcome





IMG 1143This record result leads us to believe that our students have performed admirably and delivered stunning results.

To further muddy the waters the DfE is also reporting on a ‘Strong Passes’ (9-5) in English and Maths. Our ‘High Challenge’ externally set target for this was 72% achieving 9-5 in English and Maths. We achieved 77%.

The second new measure is known as Attainment 8 (A8 for short) which shows the average grade obtained by all students in the school from 6 ‘high value’ qualifications (English and maths count double, giving a total of 8). The average grade for our students this year is a ‘B’ which is a full grade and a half higher than the national average.

Of course we know how fortunate we are to have so many able and hard-working students at West Bridgford who are always likely to do very well in their examinations and so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they achieve a high average grade. However, the third new measure called Progress 8 (P8) takes the outcome from A8 and looks to see how much progress students have made from their KS2 starting points. Our exact outcome for P8 will only be known when the government has processed all of the exam results from across the country but early indications suggest that we are likely to have achieved a score that surpasses last year’s P8 of 0.33. This means that students will have done, on average, better than 0.33 of a grade better per subject than could have been reasonably expected from their starting points. As P8 is likely to become the new ‘gold standard’, our score on this measure is probably the one we are most proud of this year as it shows very clearly the exceptional progress our students make in their time with us. This high progress is has been achieved by all groups of students in the school, of all abilities.

The final DfE measure shows the percentage of students who achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) which requires a grade C/5 or above in all of the core academic subjects of English, maths, science, humanities and modern foreign languages. Although this is certain to be the least important of the new measures and, unlike many schools, we have never insisted that students opt for the entire EBacc suite, almost all of the students going down this route did achieve this mark.

At A Level our students achieved a very impressive ‘B’ grade average for their ‘Best 3’ A Level Results. On average they achieved a full quarter grade above what could be reasonably expected. We are very pleased with these results.

IMG 1142IMG 1141

UK Maths Challenge – Junior, Intermediate and Senior

Maths ChallThis year has been a very successful one for WBS in the Maths Challenge thanks to all the enthusiastic pupils who took part. Across all three Maths Challenges, 79% of pupils who took part received a certificate for their achievement, while 24 out of the 135 pupils who took part were invited to participate in the follow-up round for their age group. Special mention goes to Ethan Sosin and Sam Liew, who both received medals for their outstanding achievement in the Junior and Intermediate Olympiads respectively.

“The UKMT Senior Maths Challenge is an interesting and engaging series of papers suited to gifted maths students. It allows us to apply maths we learn to problems outside of our curriculum, develop our problem solving skills and introduce us to a more abstract area of maths, maths for itself. It also stretches students and allows natural mathematicians to express their true ability in some very interesting mathematics. I would highly recommend taking part in the Maths Challenge to any aspiring mathematicians who may wish to study mathematics further, or who just enjoy maths as a subject.” Robbie Keywood and Nathan Schofield, Senior Maths Challenge participants

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