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West Bridgford swim team hold on to victory title

On Thursday 5th December, The West Bridgford swim team took on the Becket for a second time with the year 10 and 11 Elite Swim squad that includes national swimmer Gabby Crawford. 2swim051213

Having the year 10 and 11 swimmers, we were ready for the challenge knowing that the swimmers will all be athletes, training and racing on a weekly if not daily basis! The tensions were high and everyone was excited the spectators flooded in to see the elite swimmers of the school.

At the start West Bridgford took an early lead in the races. Becket brought 5 amazing swimmers to challenge us, who began to creep up the score board. Amber Levell swam an amazing race whom took on Becket’s toughest swimmer with a Millie second between first and very well deserved second place for Amber.

Oliver Henn and Hector Harris – Burton then took on Becket’s Year 11 County Squad swimmer at numerous races such as, Butterfly and front crawl. The boys swam at top speeds and narrowly missed a first place at a few races but did beat him at the final race and at the team relays. 3swim 051213

Nick Hobbs came out of retirement for the event and swam unbelievably racing to victory for all of his races.

A huge Congratulations to all of the Year 10 and 11 Swim Team for another 40 point victory.

Well done to Amber Levell, Dahlia Brinklow, Katherine Archer, Georgia Sillitoe, Bryn Appleton, Harvey Appleton, Nick Hobbs, Michael Tonnes, Daniel Knot, Finley McGee, Owen Howitt, Nina Livsey, Rebekah Dussek, Gabby Crawford, Ella Kay, Cerys Evison - Varley, Catherine Skinner, Ben Ward, Hector Harris – Burton, and Oliver Henn,

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