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The run in to Year 11 Exams

2014 - the year all our Year 11s will put on their CVs for ever! Their exam year - how are we going continue to support them right up to the first exam of the summer?Revision

Professor Dunlovsky of Kent State University, US says, "Distributive Practice + 1 dose of cramming is the answer!" So they are all on a mission with us to try out as many revision techniques as we can throw at them. Mrs Pilgrim and I are going to call in on every group in a Science lesson next week to introduce several approaches and ideas about revising with 'tricks to make it stick'. Teachers across all subjects will then concentrate on subject-specific ideas.

keep calmSeveral Departments have requested an additional session with year 11 on Thursday 30 January when they will be 'invited' to stay behind as is an ‘early finish’ day. It will be highly likely your aspiring student will want to stay that afternoon - especially as there will be refreshments on offer! There will be leaflets, booklets, coloured post-its and any number of exciting things - ANYTHING to break the barrier and get going!  

Lesson 2 on general revision techniques will follow in an English and Maths lesson with a dedicated PSHE session from Mrs Cooper to round off the first stage of the Mission. Please ask to have a look at some of the materials they will be given, we have put together ideas straight from some of the latest thinking about memory and retention of information.

Check on parentmail and the website for developing programmes of revision or get in touch via the mailbox - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember:- support, smile and gritted teeth.....

Mrs Goad, Intervention Manager

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