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The Post 16 visit to Oxford University

On Friday 31st January, 14 Year 12 students travelled to Oxford with Mrs McKee and Mrs Donovan. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite the awful weather, and had the chance to chat with some undergraduates at Christ Church College. This included 3 foOxford 027rmer students of West Bridgford School, Jack Common, Rose Brewin and Megan Betts who are studying Biology, Maths and Law respectively.

The students  also met the Archdeacon of the college, Martin Gorick, who attended West Bridgford School, and whose father was a former teacher here.

The students had a question and answer session with undergraduates followed by a guided tour around Christ Church College. We then had lunch in the great hall. This was used in the Harry Potter films as the dining room at Hogwarts and was an amazing experience for all involved. After lunch we walked to Magdalen College where we had a tour around the ancient buildings.

The visit was inspiring for the students and many of them commented on how it had motivated them to aim high and aspire to attend top Universities such as Oxford.

“The Oxford trip was an amazing experience that was very informative. By speaking to several undergraduates it helped us to understand how the University works in term of the collegiate system and provided us with quite a lot of advice regarding the interview process. The tour was very helpful and showed us the amazing landmarks within  two of the colleges. The city was vibrant and had a really great atmosphere to it, without the trip I wouldn’t have had this helpful experience”  Kardo Berzingi Year 12

“ Talking to the ex-West Bridgford students who are now at Oxford made me realise that it can actually be achieved” Charlotte Reed Year 12
To see more pictures from the visit click on the photo.

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