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The Catering Manageress launched a new Salad Bar and a range of new desserts on Monday 3rd February 2014. saladbar1

The cost of the salad has not increased but the variety available has.  A basic salad with six items is £1.60 which includes five salad items and one protein chicken, cheese, tuna or egg.  The salad items are arranged in new white serving dishes making the range available look even more tempting.  Catering Staff served the new range into take away style salad boxes.   

The “Launch” went exceptionally well with students and staff keen to try out the new options on the salad bar along with the new desserts on offer.  The wider choice available looked attractive when displayed and provides an option for saladbar2students to access a more healthy and nutritional choice should they wish.  The range of desserts on offer have been increased and served in a way that looks colourful and attractive introducing mousses, trifles, profiteroles, cheesecake, homemade Greek yogurt and jellies in rotation with at least four of the products on offer each day.  The cheesecake on offer today was really tasty.

The standard menus for the main meal of the day will remain the same but will be refreshed each half term tsaladbar3o prevent menu fatigue and ensure that the range on offer for this option is also more exciting and changed more often.

Students and staff alike really enjoyed the new options.  Many proved keen to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Old favourites in the hot snack bar remain to ensure greater variety all round.

The Catering Manageress and her team have really enjoyed working towards the launch which they have been planning for some months.  They were really pleased with the results and the response to the new products.  Student Council will be producing a questionnaire on Moodle to assess the success of the new range on offer and request suggestions for working towards continuous improvement in the catering team’s quest for providing the best service they can with the resources they have available to them. 

If you like the changes please mention it to them the next time you pay a visit to the Dining Hall.

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