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The new geodesic 'Bio-dome' is approaching completion.  The final components will be installed over the next week and we expect to start using the facility after the Easter break.  
The dome has equipment that will it to self-regulate its environment via sensors and vents.  A central palm tree, hydroponic and 'Aquaponic' equipment will allow us to study the areas of plant biology and sustainability in a new and interactive way with all year groups.  Hydroponics is the growing of plants Domewebwithout soil and has many advantages over traditional methods of horticulture.  The Aquaponics system is an even more cutting edge technology and combines fish aquaculture and plant growth to produce a balanced and sustainable system without the need for additional inputs.  The speed of plant growth in the dome will allow classes to set up and grow their own plants and investigate what factors affect the rate of photosynthesis. Data logging equipment and time lapse photography will allow students to observe processes that cannot be seen in the course of a normal lesson.
All of this has been made possible by the generous Grant awarded to us by the Wolfson Trust.  We hope that this facility will now make a real impact on the teaching of plant biology across the school.  The domes impact is already producing cross curricular links with Art drawing inspiration from it's light and space and planning the building of installations, the Music Department have already explored the unique acoustics, and the Maths Department have lessons planned around it fascinating geometry.
Dr Stutt

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