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Debate Week

This year, School Council have set out to do something memorable that will involve the whole school, which is why are holding a Debate Week. Adebatefter much discussion, we decided that the question up for debate is: Do celebrities have a responsibility to be good role models for young people? The topic is engaging, relevant and most importantly, controversial. This week, a group of students from each year have presented an assembly to outline the main arguments for and against. The speakers have been persuasive and the quality of their speeches has been impressive. The ‘yes’ side has argued that with great power comes great responsibility, which includes a responsibility to shape the world for the better. The ‘no’ side has argued that celebrities are famous for their artistic or sporting achievements, not because they conform to some sort of moral ideal. The assemblies have certainly sparked interest in the debate and throughout the week, each tutor group has held a mini-debate within their registration period. This has given all students a chance to voice their opinions and get stuck into the discussion. As part of Debate Week, we have also invited years 10 and 11 to the sixth form Debating Society, which is held on Thursday afterschool once a fortnight. Finally, we have also arranged a yes/no vote on Moodle, which will be up over the weekend. This will give us a chance to survey the opinions of each year and then report back which side is the most popular. With the help of students and teachers, School Council have managed to pull off our first ever Debate Week - and it’s proving to be a great success!

- Fiona Garrahan yr 13 (Joint-chair of School Council)

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