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Anti- Bullying assembly - Bystander Revolution - By a Year 8 pupil

In this day and age bystanders have a lot of power in bullying but decide not to help the victim.  This is why a year 8 team from our school performed a ab assemdrama to year 7, 8 and 9 based on the circle of bullying diagram we see around school – it highlights the victim and ring leader in the centre, then a circle with assistants to the bully, another circle with reinforces then bystanders.  In the last circle are defenders for the victim.  We questioned how often people do this.   We illustrated the bullying circle in a drama and the audience were invited to sit down in the round.  There were people in the drama representing all the roles, and all the power they had was aimed at the victim.  The victim was seated in the very middle and was being circled by the others who were making comments which made life very hard for the victim.  In this scenario, bystanders had more power than they realised.  We then went on to do the second part of the drama illustrating how it would be if the bystanders took action and walked away.   The audience then watched ‘Bystander Revolution’, a short film of celebrities sharing what difference it could make to help.  This showed that bystanders have a huge part to play in bullying but could make a big difference if they helped the victim in some way.  We finished our drama with the quote ‘Bystander Revolution, take the power out of bullying’.

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