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Model Flying Club trip to Newark Air Museum

The Model Flying Club went on a trip to the Newark Air Museum last week, which is rated as one of the best collections of aircraft in private hands Planeanywhere in the country. There were several unique exhibits as well as rare and sometimes seldom seen aircraft. The visit started with a tour of the Vulcan by an ex-crewman and a chance to sit in the Navigator and wireless operators’ positions. Access was via the crew door in the bottom of the aircraft which was also the exit if you needed to bail out. Ejector seats were available for the pilot and co-pilot, but not for the rest of the crew. From there the students had a chance to tour the rest of the museum. For a change the weather outside was super and so some of the aircraft parked in the open looked their best. The indoor collections were kept in two hangars and club members quickly found their way to all the displays which included some new exhibits on loan from other collections. Finally, it was time to leave and after extricating the last student from the shop we set off back to school. Hopefully a St George’s Day many will remember for a good time to come.


Click HERE to see more pictures from the visit.

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