The West Bridgford School

A Specialist Technology Academy

West Bridgford School - the perfect location for a recent award winning music video shoot – with added technical expertise from student Jordan Lane.

For two weeks in March SightHound Films were working on a music video with singer-songwriter Scott Ballard. It was all part of 2WEEKS2MAKEIT, the north of Jordan Lane with Director John EdwardsEngland's premiere video making competition. As one of 20 film makers linked to 20 artists they had 2 weeks to write, shoot, edit and finish a music video.

The narrative of the video follows Scott through a near future dystopian Conscription process.
So they needed a dystopian looking exterior with a fence round it, a yard for square-bashing, a large hall for processing people, a changing room, and a shower – and the West Bridgford School fitted the bill!

Student Jordan Lane was a key member of the technical crew who made the film and has his sights set on a course at Confetti Studios to further his ambition of following a career in the film industry. Jordan said how exciting it had been to meet and work with John and gain experience for jobs in the future.  The SightHound films video, shot at West Bridgford School, won the Grand Jury 1st Prize at the competition. Click here to see the video.

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