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West Bridgford School achieves the Stonewall School Champion Bronze award

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Earlier in the year, The West Bridgford School announced we had joined the Stonewall School Champions Programme. Stonewall is a UK based charity that campaigns for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights and also works to ensure equality and justice. We are very pleased to share with you that we were successful in achieving the Stonewall School Champion Bronze award this month.

Over the past year, we have done a variety of things to meet the criteria of the Stonewall School Champion Bronze award, some being our celebration of LGBT History Month in February – a chance to shine a light on positive contributions and achievements of inspirational LGBT people, make it clear to students that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) language and bullying is wrong, remind pupils about simple acts of kindness, that displays reflect diversity within society and lessons explore the theme of gender stereotyping.

As you will probably know by now, our ambassadors do a lot of work promoting the importance of acknowledging, learning about and celebrating diversity, and that equality and inclusion should be at the heart of community.

We are very proud to have achieved this award.  Ambassadors will continue with their work, not only to see the impact within our school today, but because in time, our pupils will belong to other communities beyond the West Bridgford School, whereby their positive voice and attitude regarding inclusion and diversity could make all the difference in shaping attitudes and values of those around them.

T Aderombi – year 10

“ A simple act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees”  Amelia Earhart

So, what do some of our pupils think?  See below

“Achieving the bronze award to me, is a new step to making the world a more equal and happy place to live in where everyone is accepted no matter what sexuality, gender or religion they are.  I hope that one day all schools will take action to spread knowledge about the LGBT community like our school already does.  And hopefully, our hard work will continue, maybe even leading to the silver award.”  H Kemp – year 8

“I think this is a great achievement for the school and has genuinely helped make a change in the attitudes towards the LGBT community.  I am very happy and proud for the school.”  A Farjam – year 10

“Achieving the Stonewall Bronze Award gives our group a boost and something to remind us how well we are doing.  For me, it shows that we will always have something to aim for and makes me know that all of the effort that we are putting in DOES make a difference, both noticed by our school and by external organisations.  I expect that it will make the pupils and staff feel that it is a good thing to celebrate both our differences and our ability to work together and achieve more.”  K Dewale – year 8

 “We both think that achieving the bronze award is of great significance as it demonstrates our school as a whole has been learning about the LGBT community and understands the importance of equality in regards to sexuality, and gender identification.  By teaching and achieving the bronze award as proof of our work hopefully means that pupils understanding of LGBT equality will spread out to the wider community and remain with them for life, which is the most important thing.  Our school being associated with the bronze award is a perk.” M Blaney and O Wood – year 11

“Achieving the Stonewall bronze award means a lot the school because it will show people that negative things do happen to people because of who they are and we need to do something positive about it.”  B Bayliss – year 9

“I am delighted for our pupils and students in securing this award because it is they who have worked so hard to achieve this.  By achieving this accreditation they are helping us change the schools culture for the better.” – Mr McDonough (School Principle)

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