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Promoting British Values within West Bridgford School

British Values Posters   2nd and 3rd placesFundamental British Values are something that the government introduced, with all schools expected to actively follow and promote them within their school community. The four Fundamental British Values are: Democracy’, ‘The rule of law’, ‘Individual Liberty’ and ‘Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith’. As a school we have, and do fully embrace, support and encourage each one of these. There are a number of ways in which we have done this, including: celebrating the school’s 75th anniversary, UK Day and the Queens 90th birthday celebrations. We have also participated in a general mock election and a mini EU referendum run by the sixth form, have tutor reps for each form and a school council who represent the pupils’ voice. As well, all pupils are aware of the anti-bullying and equality agreement.

As well as promoting these set by the government, as a school we felt we should have our own values. This was done by the pupils, as a tutor group activity. All forms were given a list of different values, and through various discussions, each group had to choose their top 5, ensuring they gave an explanation and reason as to why they thought they were the most important. The results were collected in from all forms – right from years 7 to year 13 and the top five were decided: Responsibility, Respect, Equality, Honesty and Friendship. These now feature around the school and are evident in our every day school life.

On top of this and as a follow on activity, a British Values competition was launched in Year 9 within PSHE lessons. Everyone was to design a poster, either on the Fundamental British Values or the chosen school values. This was a massive success and to choose a winner was extremely hard. Eventually Emily Bennett from 9A was selected – and her poster will now be displayed in all classrooms on the form boards, alongside the anti-bullying and equality posters. Second place went to Charlotte Davies (9E), with three 3rd place prizes going to: Izzy Hawley (9D), Elicia Gregory (9H) and Becky Woods (9E).  These posters, as well as some of the other ones, will be displayed around school in various locations, with this competition becoming a yearly occurrence taking place within PSHE lessons. 

Promoting British Values within West Bridgford School

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