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Celebrating Culture and Diversity


This year has been fun and informative as students and staff have been learning about different cultures and celebrating diversity.  As was said in our recent showcase assembly, ‘differences from our own is a great thing, and this deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated in every community.’  


This year, we have provided opportunities to learn about diversity with a variety of activities in and outside the classroom.  We celebrated the culture of Thailand, Chinese New Year and Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration.  In addition, Culture & Diversity Ambassadors and School Council reps have done a great deal of work throughout the year to help raise awareness about diversity within our society.  They have:

  • challenged stereotypes with an informative and moving assembly about refugees and asylum seekers
  • focussed on the positive difference Doreen Lawrence has made helping to improve race equality in the UK
  • contributed to our school achieving the Stonewall School Champion Bronze award
  • led the mock EU Referendum, which created a real buzz amongst students and staff
  • highlighted religious diversity with an assembly about Ramadan in June

In part, our programme of events is about helping us all gain an insight and understanding about the importance of our own, and other people’s cultures, traditions, religions & beliefs, languages and lifestyles.   This will inform and prepare our students for life in a diverse society.  It is also about providing opportunities for them to consider what their attitudes and values are, and how they can continue to grow to be the best of themselves they can be as a citizen of our world – part of this is seeing the value and the good in others too.

You can view the Culture & Diversity assembly on the school website, or Click here to view a 3 ½ minute montage of some of our work this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students, staff, parents and carers for joining in and supporting our work.  Keep up with those simple acts of kindness J


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It is sometimes useful to know about organisations and support service in Nottinghamshire as well as nationally.  As a starting point, please click here to view our signposting directory for parents and carers.

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