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Report by Year 13 Student Christian Newman

The absolute success of last year’s Debate Week on the EU Referendum meant that attempting to follow it proved challenging. After a period of speculating on various topics of the Debate Week, these said topics were proposed to representatives from each year group via the School Council. From this, it was evident that the debate on animal testing was perfect in raising discussion and splitting the group.

The finalised title was decided: ‘Animal Testing cannot be justified and therefore should be banned’. The introduction of Morgan and Joe from Post 16, who were kind enough to volunteer themselves to front each side of the argument, meant the Debate Week soon gathered momentum.

There was thorough research for the differing sides to the debate. These arguments were then relayed to the four terrific volunteers from each year group to front the debate for their year. Everyone involved passionately and fluently put their side of the argument across in the debate within the series of assemblies throughout the week.

The debate after school on Wednesday was dramatic and well-argued. All of those in attendance, drawn from all levels of the school, contributed by making challenging points for those on the panel to respond to. In that position, it was truly uncertain which side was going to arise victorious from the whole school vote on the Friday. The final result, however, was clear: the whole school voted and by a clear margin the majority voted that animal testing should not be banned.

Comments from students:

“The results were quite shocking in that people agree to keep animal testing”

“I thought the assembly was really good because it shared different reasons why it should and should not be banned”

“An amazing experience for the school and the students who have strong opinions on this subject”

“I love the concept of Debate Week, and I was one of the proud people to take part in the assembly. I will probably volunteer again next year”

“On Friday 24 March, counting the votes was very intense. We counted flawlessly! It was a landslide win to keep animal testing”


Please click here if you would like to watch the assembly where two sides argue for and against animal testing being banned. The students would be very interested in what YOU think. If you would like to vote click here.


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